About Us
My dear friends,

With great joy and enthusiasm we announce a new and vibrant, non-denominational, modern ministry, designed to serve others while proclaiming the author and finisher of our faith. Our heart is to express the love and grace of God while encouraging and involving others. We are a growing coalition of Christian believers, from every walk of life, who want to serve our communities, as well as encourage and inspire other believers who are working to express their faith.

The founders of Christ Xpress began, before the organization was conceived, as a small group of dedicated Christian musicians and vocalists who ministered with song and testimony to small congregations. Through the many changes over time, and busy work schedules, all the while looking to the future with faith and hope, Christ Xpress, as a formal organization, was conceived in September of 2012. In October, the first draft of the Articles of Incorporation, and Bylaws, were written, and in November, the logo designed. The first newsletter appeared in July of 2013.

Today Christ Xpress is building three main areas of ministry. These are titled, "Caregiver Ministry", "Assistance Ministry", and "Creative Arts Ministry". At this time we are in our infancy and can only accommodate small numbers effectively. We are building our financial resources, our pool of volunteers, and networking with others throughout our communities. Our goal is to be fully capable of effectively serving the Montgomery and Wetumpka areas by July of 2016. Tuscaloosa and surrounding areas will also be served. I ask you to look through this informational website, particularly the areas of ministry, and join with us in prayer for this Christ-centered endeavor. From time to time there will be updates to the site where you will see our recent news, progress, and calendar of upcoming events. We welcome any and all advice and support if you would like to write to us or call our main number. Thank you and may God bless you richly, in Christ's name.

Commit your works unto the Lord and your thoughts shall be established. ~ Proverbs 16:3