Caregiver Ministry
Our heart is to express the love and grace of God while encouraging and involving others. One of the ways we do this is by providing a Caregiver Ministry to the elderly and disabled throughout the River Region. This ministry is designed specifically to provide a free transportation and errand service, while involving a growing pool of volunteer drivers, caregivers and companions. Our ministry goes beyond providing free transportation, but extends to the development of building dependable relationships, where our volunteer drivers become caring companions, who on a regular basis check on the well being of the elderly and disabled, and look out and provide for their needs.
It is disappointing that in many cases, churches cannot accommodate the needs of the elderly and disabled for transportation or errand service, not even for their own members. And usually when available, service is limited to transportation to church services alone. Some churches do have a "Visitation" ministry, where a small group of volunteers will meet at the church, and then visit an elderly member or two, or a relative of a church member who is homebound. Our Caregiver Ministry can be considered to be very much like a "Visitation" ministry, however, our visits provide something very tangible and vital. Whether it's a trip to the grocery store where our caregiver would help do the shopping and load the groceries, or a trip to the doctor's office where our caregiver would wait in the lobby and be there as a companion sharing health concerns and prayer, this ministry bestows on the elderly and disabled an expression of the love of God, while encouraging and involving our volunteer drivers and caregivers.
We are looking for volunteer drivers who have a heart for the elderly and disabled. In many cases, the elderly do not have any family members who are available to check on their well-being or look out for their needs. In many cases, the visit you provide will be the only contact they have with anyone from outside their home. Today we live in the baby boomer era where an overwhelming surge of senior citizens are coming into the age of retirement. For Montgomery alone, 16.6 % of the male population are over the age of 55, and of the female population, 22.3% are over 55. In the next age bracket, 9.3% of the male population are over the age of 65, while 14.3% of the female population are over 65. These figures are astounding and growing rapidly. The need for the Caregiver Ministry of Christ Xpress is clearly visible and present. It "cries out at the gate". Will you please help?
Commit your works unto the Lord and your thoughts shall be established. ~ Proverbs 16:3