Creative Arts Ministry
Our heart is to express the love and grace of God while encouraging and involving others. One of the most significant and powerful ways in which Christ Xpress accomplishes this, is in bringing together talented, Christian artists, from every walk of life, and from every denomination, to work together, collect and secure resources, and fulfill Christ-centered goals. The Creative Arts Ministry is a place for those who are excited about using their artistic gifts to glorify God while serving and meeting the needs of others. Whether that's graphic design, printing, painting, singing, writing music, playing an instrument, drama, dancing, creating visual art, video production, sound engineering, media or lighting, sculpture, arts & crafts, juggling, puppetry, catering, or cooking, we have a place for you to get involved.

This ministry is specifically designed to bring Christian artists together in order to plan, coordinate and accomplish events that support other worthy, charitable causes throughout the River Region. At the beginning of each year, one organization, or cause, will be chosen. Through a partnership of that organization or cause, and Christ Xpress, events both small and large will be planned and carried out throughout the year, all year-long. Concerts, dinners, unique fundraisers, marches, runs, other types of events within appropriate venues among a myriad of possible approaches, may be carried out, culminating in the year-end Christ Xpress Annual Concert where proceeds raised throughout the year are presented to our partner organization.

The Creative Arts Ministry of Christ Xpress works also to plan, promote, and host, each year, the Christ Xpress Annual Christian Art Fair. Hundreds of Christian artists from throughout the Southeast, who have worked to capture Christian themes and Christian expressions of faith, through their works in whatever fashion they may be, will be drawn together for a two-day event on a peaceful, well-kept patch of ground, to set up and showcase their work to the public at large, while Christian bands and musical artists perform from different stages nearby. Encouraging and supporting Christian artists by providing a means to showcase their work, and express their faith in a visible way, is the very heart of Christ Xpress, as the Christian Art Fair demonstrates to the public at large, the message of the Gospel.

Through the use of God-given talents, meetings, plans, and working faith, Christ Xpress serves the needs of others while demonstrating the love and grace of God. Our artists, administrators, sponsors, members, volunteers, event planners and support personnel, work together under the banner of Christ, to help and assist as we strive to make a positive, lasting impact in the lives of others throughout the River Region.
Commit your works unto the Lord and your thoughts shall be established. ~ Proverbs 16:3